Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tulip Time in MI

Sunday afternoon and then again this afternoon/evening I spent time roaming the city of Holland and it's tulip gardens.  Talk about God being an artist -- Wow.  How did he come up with all those colors for the tulips and flowering trees... and daffodils ... and hyacinths... and even buffalo.  What a Creator He is!



I have no idea who these people are but I just had to  take the picture.  They were posing so nice for daddy.






I just love the beds of multi-color tulips.






  And lavender ones.






And enjoying the gardens along with so many people.





  Even the buffalo were enjoying the   scenery.  Oh wait, he was looking at me! I think it was a stare-down!  I won, cuz he left.




There was even an original windmill from the old country.  Each piece was numbered, it was taken apart, shipped over here, reassembled and it works perfectly.  They actually make flour there.





The windmill is located just off to the left of this Dutch village.






This really is a tulip.  It is a peony tulip.





Isn't this one cool!  I love the pointy petals.







And I just have to show another red tulip, fringed this time,  just cuz I can!





And then there are these variegated ones.






And then these here just got the tips gently bushed with white.




   And I can't forget the daffodils











  I think these are are flowering crab. The one below is on Hope College campus.











  This forsythia is also on Hope's campus.





Between the two visits to Holland I took 340+ pictures.  Did I say I love digital?!?! These are just a tip of the iceberg.  But you get the idea.   And I'll be going again Saturday for the parade and a cookout. 

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Phone Night Project

Once a week my best bud and I spend the evening on the phone working on projects.  Although I must admit she works on more than I do.  Sometimes I'm real lazy and I just sit, talk and "watch" her work.  However this week I had a mission.  

I have a very good friend who had a very serious heart attack back on Easter Sunday.  Thankfully he is doing great now but I needed to make him a get-well/I miss you fabric postcard. 

I had bought some really cool fabric from my favorite Postcard for Jack 001line -- Fusions -- at a quilt shop in MA a couple weekends ago.  (I did manage to limit myself to only 3 colorways  and not the whole selection this time .)  The flowers were from a trip back in Jan. to Wright's.  (What a store!)  The variegated yarn is from the wonderful yarn shop in Great Barrington. 

These postcards are just so much fun to make.  Because they are so small, I am not afraid to try new things.  If my ideas don't work, I have not wasted much money or time.  The bad thing is, I had to send it out and won't be able to take it to my Fiber Arts Club for Show and Tell.  Hopefully a picture will suffice.