Saturday, October 18, 2008

Early bird gets the picture

This morning (Saturday) I got up kind of early (somehow I turned off my alarm without waking up) and headed to Holland State Park on Lake Michigan.  I wanted to get some pictures of Big Red (the lighthouse) without shooting into the sun like I would do if I went in the evening. 

PA183259_0023 (Medium)

This one, although the composition is not so great, excited me because I was there when the tug was pushing out two barges.  I've never seen that before at this location. 


PA183272_0036 (Medium)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Milkweeds - A memory from childhood


Sunday as I was driving along I kept seeing these white cottony things growing in the fields.  I couldn't figure out what they were but I decided they would make a great picture.  Kind of made me think of what cotton might look like.  Finally my curiosity got the best of me and I stopped at this field.

When I realized what it was, I was immediately taken back to my childhood when we had these growing in our field.  I have not seen these in a hundred years at least.   When they are still green and you break them open you get a sticky white milky substance all over your hands.  That would be the reason they are called milkweeds.


Once they dry they are so pretty.  Many people use the pods in floral arrangements once the seeds have all blown out. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A beautiful day for a color tour

Today was an absolutely beautiful summer day but with color.  It was 82 today.  Amazing for this time of year.  I wandered up north about an hour to visit my former pastor and his wife at their church.  I love that church.  They actually sing hymns!!!  We then went out for dinner.  They had another commitment so I headed out toward Mancelona.  Never made it.  The color was so pretty around their area. 

Decided I'd try the self-portrait thing.  It sort of worked. 

PA123225 (Large)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indian Summer

Yes, this is it for sure.  It has been absolutely beautiful yesterday and today.  And tomorrow is supposed to be almost 80.  Monday will still be nice but cooler and a few clouds.  I think it will be a wonderful day for going to a college JV football game.  I'll go watch my girlfriend's grandson play. 

Today I got some laundry done, and took the folks on a few errands.  I'm sure glad they have gotten moved and are enjoying it.  I had lunch with them at their dining hall.  It was really good.  Came home and was getting the mower out of the garage.  I heard someone yell "Hey Skinny!"  They were talking about me!!!  Sure made my day.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the metropolis of Sylvester and attend church at my former pastor's church.  I've not heard him preach since he left over 4 years ago.  In fact, I have hardly seen them.  I miss them terribly.  We'll go out to dinner after church and then I'll head homeward and hopefully get some more pictures.

I wish this weather could go on all winter.  In the 40's at night and then maybe mid 60s to 70 during the day.  Perfect.  I know, dream on.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Grayling weekend

This weekend I was invited up to Grayling to visit my quilting friend Rebecca and her husband John from San Diego.  They were visiting John's father, Grant.  We had a great time playing cards and going on a great color tour which was also revisiting places from John's and his father's pasts. 

Saturday we headed out toward Gaylord and then west to East Jordan and Mancelona.  I saw many places that needed to be photographed but I didn't want to impose on them to stop because I knew it could add up to a lot of time.  Our first stop where Grant wanted to take us was Deadman's Hill.  It overlooks the Jordan River Valley from 430 feet up.  Unfortunately the colors were just starting to turn but it was absolutely beautiful.  Thanks Grant, for taking us up there.

PA043016copy (Medium)

While Rebecca and I were walking around up there we came across this leaf.  I just love it when you can find leaves or spider webs or flowers with dew drops on them.


As we were going down a gravel road to see John's uncle's cabin in the woods I saw some beautiful trees along the road.  John was kind enough to stop on our way back so I could take some pics.


Sunday on my way home I decided to take some of the same route we had taken the day before.  This first picture was along old US27 between Grayling and Gaylord overlooking Otsego Lake.  Don't those benches look really inviting?

PA053053 (Medium)


This is a very unusual barn in that it is ALL stone.  Most barns that have stone work have it only on the bottom.  This is along M-32 between Gaylord and East Jordan.  The sheep were a bonus.

PA053080 (Medium)


My dream cabin is below.  It even had a plastic chair sitting in the "living room".   I think it may be just tad breezy for winter though.  Notice you can even see between the logs.



I came across this Catholic church also on M-32.  It is just a few miles west of the stone barn.  It was built in early 1890's out of wood.  In the early 1900's it was covered with stone using a cement that has a pinkish cast.  As I was pulling up there was a man getting out of his car.  I asked if it was his church and he said yes.  He and his wife are the caretakers of it.  They were so kind as to open it up and let me go inside and take pictures and tell me some of the history of the church. 

PA053093copy (Large)

The statue of John the Baptist on the right was carved in 1894.  The statue of the Virgin Mary on the left was carved in about 1920.  The Stations of the Cross on the walls date back to 1890s.  I was so thrilled to be able to go inside.  I love photographing churches and the inside of Catholic churches are usually so beautiful.

PA053099 (Large)

Jan, the church door picture is for you.  I love this door.  I think it is one my favorite door pictures.

PA053105fix (Medium)




Down the gravel road from the church was another barn that got my attention.  Barns really get my attention fast.  This was in a cluster of 3 and was my favorite.

PA053111 (Medium)

As I continued toward East Jordan I saw a sign for a fiber and yarn shop.  Well, my car did a quick 100 degree right turn and just up the road I found this great place.  The owners live in an old log house with quite a few great outbuilding.  I'll just show the yarn shop and one of their critters.  Her yarns, which are beautiful, are all spun from the wool of their sheep.  Almost all their critters (long-haired goats, geese, chickens, burros) except the sheep, roam around loose.  Therefore, I was real careful where I stepped.  Anyway this guy(girl?) wanted its picture taken. 

PA053117 (Medium) PA053125 (Medium)

This is a neat piece of equipment that I found just to the left of the yarn shop.  It was in great shape.

PA053130 (Medium)

How for a few other pictures that will make you think Fall.

PA053136crop PA053140 (Medium)

PA053142 (Medium) PA053147 (Medium)

PA053150crop PA053151 (Medium)

Ever seen white pumpkin?  I never had.




Okay, I think I'm done.  Not that it is all my pics.  I could go on and on forever.  Well, maybe not forever.  I only took 155 pics and some I deleted. Thanks to anyone who made it this far.  I hope you enjoyed them at least half as much as I enjoyed taking them.