Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pemberton, NJ

Before we actually came to Pemberton, we stopped at the Friends Meeting House.  It was built in 1775.

P5134261 (Small)

A very interesting tree on the grounds of the meeting house.  I see a lion's head.  You?

P5134262 (Small)

The cemetery on the grounds.  Most of the dates on the tombstones were unreadable.

P5134270 (Small)

P5134271 (Small)


Karen turned me loose in Pemberton.  She had choir practice and seeing I don't sing, I walked. This is the Pemberton Baptist Church "organised" in 1764 and erected in 1861.  This is Karen's church.

P5134277 (Small)

Yup, it is the front door.




Grace Episcopal Church.


As I wandered around to the side of the church, I came across this statue. 


No, it is not Fall.  The way the sun was shining through the leaves, it really brought out the red.  I think it is some kind of a Maple but not sure.

P5134285 (Small)


Looks like they found a new use for the fire department.

P5134290 (Small)


I need help on this church too.  Had an interesting grave yard and a great salute to those who sacrificed.

P5134289 (Small)

P5134297 (Large)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mt. Holly, NJ

Mt. Holly is another historic city near Karen. Again, lots of cool doors and churches and other buildings too.

I love this door to a church that will show up later in this post.

Even back in the 1800's they built duplexes. Well, sort of. It's interesting that even though the houses are built right together, the bricks are different.

Another door that got my attention.

If I remember correctly this is a Presbyterian church.
A side door to the above church.

The Methodist Episcopal Church. It has one stone attached to it with a date of 1775. A stone built into it has a date of 1883 or 1863. I had a hard time figuring it out.

I love the spires on this church. I need to find out the name of the church.

Recognize the door?
This is the Burlington County Court House built in 1796. Samuel Lewis was the architect.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Moorestown, NJ

Wednesday was a day for checking out some of the towns around where Karen lives. After a second visit to the chiropractor (I wanted to bring him home with me), we headed to The Pie Lady. We had to see if she baked pies as tasty as Karen's. I can't say for sure either way because it is hard to compare a pecan pie to one I've never tasted. I'm sure though, that Karen's would be better. After that we walked around town so I could capture some of the wonderful architecture, local art and doors. This city is a paradise if you like to photograph those kinds of things.

First church is the Baptist Church. If I remember correctly, part of it was built in 1847.

The there is the Catholic Church. There is a guy working way up there on that fancy stuff before the steeple becomes pointy. Let me tell you, that was high. There is not enough money in this world to pay me to do that.
This cross was atop of the Catholic church until a couple of years ago when it was replaced by the current one. They refurbished it and made this nice little prayer garden next to the church.This is a needle work shop. Karen dragged me in there kicking and screaming (NOT) and I found a really cool pattern I could not live without. Yes, it is started but ...
Across the street was the very picturesque Trinity Episcopal Church established in 1837. It has the neatest doors and a wonderful cemetery where we wondered for a long time. Also had some really pretty flowers. I'd love to see the inside of this church.

Notice the dates. Now that I'm looking at the name, I'm wondering if this lady or her family had anything to do with the naming of Hainesport.
I had never seen foot stones for grave sites before. Those are the smaller stones and each one has the initials of the person.

Didn't I tell you it had great doors?!?!
This passage way from one part of the building to another creates a really neat window to the courtyard.
This is the door for an interior design shop. I love the wood work around it. They just don't build things like that any more. I was thrilled that I managed to keep myself out of the picture on this one.
They don't build buildings like this any more either. And the grounds are so pretty.
There were a couple decorated dogs around town. I think they had done a contest/exhibit a year or so back and this was one of the ones that had been purchased and adorned the corner of the yard above. It has multiple buildings from the town painted on it. I love it! So much fun. We had seen another one done with a mosaic look using colored glass.
Moorestown is a really nice town. I could roam around it again and probably take a ton more pictures of houses and who knows what.

Ephrata, PA

I have a quilter friend, Howdy, who now lives in PA. We decided it would be great to get together seeing that I was so close. So my friend Karen and I headed over there Tuesday. Howdy lives in a wonderful mid-1800's stone house. I love it. Well, I must admit the steps to the 2nd and 3rd floors were tough. (I had sprained my ankle back on Friday so I was hobbling around.)

Howdy was gracious enough to take us to a wonderful quilt shop and several antique shops. Plus we ate at a couple of wonderful restaurants too.

I have this thing for covered bridges so she made a little detour so I could photograph this one.

The whole area is dotted with wonderful farms. Not the best picture here but it gives an idea of what the scenery was.

And yes, Ephrata is in Amish country. Couldn't miss taking a picture of the horse and buggy. Not bad for taking it out the front window on the move.

Thanks Howdy, for a great day. Hopefully we can do it again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cape May, NJ

We spend the afternoon of Day 1 in Cape May which in on the southern end of NJ. Another very picturesque city. This was taken from the beach looking back to the shore.

Looking north back toward the city. Here the beach is very sandy.

This is a little further south on the tip of NJ. The beach turns stony here.

Some of the stones are called Cape May Diamonds. They look very much like a diamond when polished and cut like a diamond.

I love this picture.

This is a WWII lookout tower very near the beach at the southern tip.

One of the churches in the downtown on the main street.

I just love this house.

Sure wish I could remember what kind of church this on is but I really liked it. If you keep up with my next few posts where I post pics of my vacation, you will notice I really like to photography churches.

Wouldn't this look wonderful in my backyard? I think so.

Another couple of really neat houses we came across while meandering around the city.