Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Halls Are Decked

This is the first year in ages that I've really decorated my livingroom. I've put up maybe a few but no tree for over 15 years. I have to thank some friends for some of my decorations. They have spent hours making them and I truely love them.

The above tree wallhanging and potholders were made by my friend Mary out in MA. The barn wallhanging that is on the right is also a gift from her. Mary has made me so many things over the years we've been friends. What a blessing she is to me.

Here's my tree. I splurged last year on New Year's Eve and bought this pre-lit tree. Three of the decorations on it are shown below. They were cross-stitched by my friend Karen in NJ. She's given me one each year since we've become friends. They are a treasure as is she.

I have this thing about snowmen and Santas. And bears too. The hanging Wedgewood is new this year. It's from my friend Mike. No, he didn't make it, but I love it anyway. He has really good taste.


Friday, December 4, 2009

A new lens

For a few weeks months I’ve been wanting to buy a new zoom lens for my camera.  I finally was able to purchase one.  (I sold my old d-slr.) I bought a 70-300 zoom.  I think my first shoot came out pretty good with it.  I had some willing subjects and some not so willing.

 IMG_2114a (Large)

 IMG_2121_edited-1a (Large)

 IMG_2147 copya (Large)

 IMG_2164_edited-1a (Large)


I found a spot overlooking Grand Rapids that is great for taking pictures.  I’m sure I will return many times.Grand Rapids Skyline from the West

A long time coming

It was brought to my attention last night that it had been 3 months since I last posted.  Boy time sure flies.  Much has happened since the last post: a couple of vacations, a stay in the hospital (while on vacation) from which I have completely recovered, Thanksgiving weekend with a trip to OH, a big snow storm today for our first significant snow of the season.  There was anywhere from 4” to 15” in the area depending on where the measurement was taken.  I got maybe 7” or 8”. 

A couple weeks ago was the first night of the Christmas tree display at Meijer Gardens.  One of my favorite exhibits of the year there.  The other is the butterfly exhibit in March/April.  It was a great night for photography and I had a great time.

IMG_2305 (Large)

The above picture was taken in the conservatory part of the gardens.  That’s also where the butterflies come alive in the Spring.

IMG_2194 (Large)

This is a section of the lights in the ceiling of the restaurant.  Pictures don’t do them justice at all.

 IMG_2215 (Large)

One of the many trees inside the building.  I think there are about 50 trees on display.  Each is decorated for a country. Can’t read the sign for the country this one represents.


I had rained off and on most of the day so the walkways were wet and reflected the lights perfectly for taking pictures.  The rain had stopped and the temp was not too bad.

 IMG_2267 (Large) IMG_2274 (Large) IMG_2279 (Large) IMG_2296 (Large)

Leonard DaVinci’s American Horse is probably my favorite sculpture in the gardens.  I have no idea how many pictures I have of it taken at various times throughout the year.

Another sculpture in the gardens is this one of Fred and Lena Meijer.  The gardens are named for them.  They have donated a very large amount of money for the gardens and continue to do so.

 IMG_2299 (Large)