Saturday, June 14, 2008

A great day!

Today has been an absolutely perfect day.  A friend called and asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride  I said sure.  Well, we had a ride!  A little over 23 miles in 2.75 hours ride time. (Not bad for only the 3rd ride of the season.)  We rode on a a bike trail the whole way.  What a nice way to ride.  We rode about 5 or 6 miles along the Grand River.  Our destination was the town of Rockford which was having their Summer Festival.  Heard a really good band who were doing a lot of songs from the 60's .  They were really good.  Then we shared a chicken sandwich and Jicama slaw.   Delish.  Then it was back on the bikes for the return trip.  By the time we got back to parking lot where we started my back side was really sore.  I don't think I'll go for a bike ride tomorrow.  LOL  I think I'll sleep well tonight.  Hope I can walk tomorrow.  LOL

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Tuesday night I attended a meeting for a group I belong to.  The lead-off question was: On a scale of 1 - 10, where do you rate the importance of your own health?  Think about it and answer for yourself.

Now based on your answer,
1 - How much time/effort do you put into maintaining and improving your health?
2 - How much money do you spend on maintaining and improving your health?

Do they match your answer for the importance of your health?  Many in attendance had to say no to that answer.  I was able to say I am really working on it. 

I've been walking about 30-45 minutes several times a week.  I've hauled out the bicycle and ridden a couple of good rides.  I even walked while playing 9 holes of golf the other day.  But I've also started eating much better and begun working on detoxifying my body. 

Think of the toxins/chemicals we come into contact with every day in the air, water and our foods.  Think of how rampant disease is compared to 50 years ago.  It is scary and I believe there is a link between toxins and disease.  I've decided I want to live a healthier life. So more and more, organic food is finding its way into my diet and I started the Isagenix program a little over 5 weeks ago.  I love it.  My weight is going down and I've lost inches!  I also feel more energetic and I can focus better.   For more information click here .

What are you doing to improve your health?

Golf ? ! ? !

Tell me why we play this crazy game. Actually I love playing but oh, if I could only be consistent!

Last Friday I went out to play in the first game of the season for the league at work. Oh I did just great. NOT! I got the highest score of the group. Don't you get a prize for that? Then Tuesday I took the day off the play with my nephew who is on leave between graduating from the Coast Guard Academy and reporting to his first duty station in FL. I taught him to play 6 or 7 years ago and he's never beaten me. Until Tuesday. By one stroke. He started out great but fell apart on 2 holes. I fell apart on more than that.

Well, after two rounds like I had, I decided lesson(s) were in order. I went to a local golf course that was running a special and signed up for 2. Was able to take one that afternoon. I now know what my problem is and how to solve it. Doing it is a WHOLE 'nother thing. So I went to the driving range and hit more balls. Bottom line -- Chiropractor says I'm not 20 anymore!!!!!! Man, was I sore. Needed an adjustment that night. I'm better today. And I need to head out to the driving range before league on Friday afternoon. Hopefully I can remember what he told me and put it into practice.

In the meantime, if you see me on the course, I'm yelling FORE before I even hit the ball. LOL