Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying to get artsy

P7242814While I was at the Photo weekend, I took 6 hours of Photoshop Elements 6. Once I got home, I decided to take one of my pictures that I took and see what I could do with it. I like what I came up with. Lots of fun.

<------- Before


After ------>

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Photography Weekend

Oh WOW!  Talk about photography overload.  From Thursday late afternoon until noon today (Sunday) I was immersed in photography.  I didn't want the weekend to end.  Not only because of all the learning but because I also was spending it with a couple from Indiana who have become friends. (We met at the event last year and have kept in touch.)

Thursday night was Birds of Prey shoot at a local nature center which cares for injured birds and also has other animals.  They bring them out special for us to photograph.

P7242710 (Large)            P7242711
          Here is a female elk.                                        And a male.

These next ones are a golden eagle.  His only problem was he had lost the "thumb" of his right claw.  Still looks pretty dangerous to me.

P7242727 (Large)        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
P7242733 (Large)       P7242748 (Large)  

               Now for a couple owls.
P7242769     P7242789 (Large)

Some flowers just because.

      P7242811 (Large)   P7242771 (Large)

Here is a snake having his supper (a frog).  The one on the right is titled "a frog in my throat"


And a really pretty Box Turtle.P7242780 (Large)


 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Another cute owl.

And I just have to have a barn which I took on the way back from the bird shoot.


I'm not sure why I couldn't line up these pictures better.   Maybe I will try again later.  Right now, I just wanted to get them posted.  I will work on posting some other pictures later.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where is the Summer going?

I can't believe it is July 20 already.  Seems like the Summer just started.  But the temp and humidity is telling me that Summer is WELL under way. 

I had a great evening yesterday.  A friend and I went to The Barn Theater in the little village of Augusta to see the play West Side Story.  That was a favorite movie of mine when I was much younger.  And I think I've worn out the soundtrack album.  That was back when they put songs on LPs.  Remember them? 

The Barn Theater is Michigan's oldest resident Summer Stock theater.  This is the 62nd season.  The first time I went was with the high school dance band.  We saw The Unsinkable Molly Brown.  Then I went a few years later to see On A Clear Day.  I love plays in small theaters.  I don't know why I don't go more often.  We did get tickets for Shenandoah for next month.  Another musical.

This coming weekend is my 2nd SWMCCC photographic weekend at Hope College.  I'm so looking forward to it.  I'm excited to meet up with friends I met last year.  There are so many great sessions it's going to be hard to pick.  I do know I'm going on a Wild Birds of Prey shoot.  I got some great pics last year.  I know one of my friends is going on the shoot too.  Will be fun.

Been playing golf on the ministry league this summer.  I've had some really great holes,  quite a few great shots, and I'm getting my money's worth.  LOL  It's fun though.  Leaves lots of room for improvement.  LOL

Until next time...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th weekend

I can't believe it is almost over with.  So far the weather had been absolutely perfect.  Once this weekend is over, it always seems like Summer is half over even though it only officially started about 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday I went over to Lake MI and observed all the crowded beaches.  Then it was on to my brother's for supper followed by a sail almost the whole length of Lake Macatawa (about 3 miles) to watch the fireworks.  There is nothing like watching fireworks from a sailboat in the middle of the lake.  There is the glow above and the reflection in the water.  Our biggest challenge was finding our way back to the marina in the dark.  Thankfully they have lighted buoys every half mile or so.  Gotta watch out for the unlit ones though.  (We did.)

Today I took my 13 year old nephew fishing.  What a great day.  We probably caught close to a dozen fish.  We are sport fishermen -- we throw them back.  We were out for about 2 hours.  This was his 2nd time fishing and he loves it.  Just have to get him taking his fish off his hook. 

Tomorrow is, hopefully, a game of golf with a young man I just met yesterday.  He is up here visiting from NC.  He is a friend of a friend of mine. 

Tonight I watched a terrific movie -- August Rush.  It came highly recommended and I loved it.  I might watch it again before I return it.

If I get the golf in, it will be a perfect weekend. 

Happy Birthday, USA!!!