Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new toy

For several months now I've been toying with the idea of getting a little point-and-shoot camera that I can keep in my pocket.  There have been so many times when I've wished I had a camera with me but I didn't bring my dSLR because of the size.  Well, after missing some great photo ops the last few days I stopped at the camera shop on the way home from work.  I now have a Fuji J150.  It was a great deal.  One of those bundle deals.  The battery is charging.  I'll try it out tomorrow along with the dSLR.  Well, if the conditions are right.  Anyway, I'm a happy camper tonight.


This week has been a real deep freeze in MI.  Or as a quilter friend of mine would say "It is freezing hiney cold".  As I type this, it is a minus 4  minus 7 degrees F.  I'd like to get up early (6ish) and go take some pictures if the light pillars are visiable again.  Friday morning they were absolutely beautiful and I didn't have a camera with me. 

Light pillars are a phenomena that happens when it is really cold and the humidity is just right.  It makes the lights beam straight up into the air like search lights but with a really narrow beam.  Really a cool sight.  I don't think I've ever seen them as beautiful as they were on my way to work.  I'm hoping Saturday morning will be like that.  But come sunrise and it can warm up.  We are due for a heat wave.  The forecast is 20 degrees.  

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Stash Report Week 2

Yesterday I realized that it was Saturday and I had not pulled anything from my stash. So, I headed downstairs about 10:30 last night and pulled out a piece for the back of my top from last week. I'm hoping there is enough for the binding too. I pulled a piece that measured 5.625 yards. I cut it in half and sewed it together. Now the back is ready. I just need to decide if I'm going to send it out for some simple quilting or wrestle with it myself.
Fabric Added this week : 0
Fabric Added YTD: 0
Fabric Used this week: 5.625
Fabriced YTD: 10.625

On another note, I did repair a quilt for a friend. A couple seams had come unsewn. I couldn't find the seam I fixed later. Guess it was a pretty good job. I think she will be pleased.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Stash Report Week 1

Here goes.  We'll see how it goes for the year.  At least I'm starting out on a good path. 

Fabric added this week : 0

And that makes fabric added YTD: 0

Fabric used this week:  5 yards

And that makes fabric used YTD: 5 yards

Oh if I could only do 5 yards a week!  Ain't gonna happen. 


My project - Turning Twenty.  A fun quilt to do. I might make more of them.  I do need to change the middle block in the last column.  I'll turn it 90 degrees.  The blocks are 16" finished and it will have a 3" border making it 70 x 82. 


The top is done!

2009 Already

I can't believe how fast time is going.  It's already the 4th of January.  Seems like 2008 just flew by.  Every year just seems to go faster and faster. 

The other day I was down in my craft area.  I just stood there shaking my head.  I have way too many books and fabric.  So I decided I would sell some of my books on Craig's List.  Well, as I was going through the books trying to pick out the books that I would sell, I couldn't seem to choose any.  What's with that?  Now I know in my head that I will probably never open some of these books again.  They are great books and that is the problem.  How do you get rid of a great book?  So I guess I'll keep the books and just by chance someday I might just use one.

I also decided I had way too much fabric.  No, I'm not going to sell or toss that BUT I have decided to Slash the Stash this year.  I'm off to a good start.  I have cut out 20 blocks for a Turning Twenty quilt.  Now that is 5 yards of fabric and it didn't even make a dent.  Right now I have the blocks laid out on the floor.  Today (no church I plan to go down and sew the blocks.  I may even have time to assemble them.  I'm sure I have a piece or two of fabric that will work for a backing. 

I've read JudyL's challenge regarding stash busting and I'm not just sure I'll join that because I know I won't have much to report each week.  When I make postcards, they only use two 4" x 6" pieces.  But I don't usually have to buy new fabric to make them.  Embellishments is another thing.  Anyway, I am going to keep track of fabric usage and maybe I'll report in on her site every once in a while just for some accountability.  I see by her post today that she reports on what she has pulled and cut for the week.  So I think I'll just start out the year by doing that.  It will be interesting to see how much fabric I can use this year.  I need more space. (I have another new hobby this year.)

The new hobby is paper cards.  I have gotten hooked on the Cricut and Cuttlebug machines.  That is just so much fun.  Just what I needed was another hobby.  Why can't I find a hobby that doesn't involve spending money?  At least I was able to find a used Cricut and got my Cuttlebug for a really good price.  With savvy shopping, I have found supplies for up to 66% off.  Here is a site that shows some of the creations made using the two machines.

OK, enough rambling.  I need to get breakfast and get cracking down in the craft room.

I'm praying for a really good and productive 2009.