Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where is March going?

It seems like it was just Mar 1 and now suddenly it is the 22nd. Time sure flies when you are having fun. That is the saying so I must be having fun. Actually I am.

This month I've managed to get a day when I could go and play with Pat (my girlfriend from highschool). We spend the whole day making cards and such. We had a ball using her Cricut Expression and my Cuttlebug. I've also spent a day at Meijer Gardens taking pictures of the butterflies and some of the sculptures and the waterfalls. Yes, one of these days, I'll post a few. I also spent an afternoon/evening with my 13 year old nephew. We saw Inkheart and then went to Logans. I highly recommend the movie. And who doesn't love Logans bread. Steaks are good too.

Now March Madness is in full swing. At the end of 2 rounds, I have missed 15 but I do have 13 of the Sweet 16 teams. I hear the President has 14. There have been some great games -- really close ones.

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