Sunday, June 28, 2009

God's surprises

This morning after church I took my bike up to the White Pines Trail and rode from Belmont to Rockford and back. I had planned on stopping at Dam Dogs for a hotdog and then riding over to Rocky's for ice cream. Well, Dam Dogs is not open on Sunday and Rocky's didn't open for another hour. Look at all the money I saved. But that being the case I started back earlier than planned.

And because of that I saw a doe and her two fawns cross the trail about 30 feet ahead of me. They just sauntered across. How cool. A couple coming from the other direction, although farther away, saw them too. We all thought it was so neat. In addition to the deer there seemed to be a lot of butterflies on the way back also. All different kinds. A great ride to enjoy God's creations.

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