Saturday, March 13, 2010

The butterflies are blooming

Every year at Meijer Gardens in March and April, the butterflies bloom. I love that time of the year. I head out there several times even if it is only for an hour or so (memberships are great). These didn't pop in exactly in the order I wanted but it really makes no difference.

This little guy seemed really intent on letting me take his picture. I think I took about a dozen.

I've only had one person be able to tell me what this is. I know. Do you?

Pretty cool flower. I think it is something new out there.

I tried a new "filter" on this one. It is called Posterization. Sure changed the original photo.

This one is probably my favorite one. It has gotten the most comments for the folks at work.
I have all these photos cycling through on my screens. It is so much fun to share my photos with others.

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Sandy said...

Really beautiful, stuff. Thanks for sharing!