Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where is the Summer going?

I can't believe it is July 20 already.  Seems like the Summer just started.  But the temp and humidity is telling me that Summer is WELL under way. 

I had a great evening yesterday.  A friend and I went to The Barn Theater in the little village of Augusta to see the play West Side Story.  That was a favorite movie of mine when I was much younger.  And I think I've worn out the soundtrack album.  That was back when they put songs on LPs.  Remember them? 

The Barn Theater is Michigan's oldest resident Summer Stock theater.  This is the 62nd season.  The first time I went was with the high school dance band.  We saw The Unsinkable Molly Brown.  Then I went a few years later to see On A Clear Day.  I love plays in small theaters.  I don't know why I don't go more often.  We did get tickets for Shenandoah for next month.  Another musical.

This coming weekend is my 2nd SWMCCC photographic weekend at Hope College.  I'm so looking forward to it.  I'm excited to meet up with friends I met last year.  There are so many great sessions it's going to be hard to pick.  I do know I'm going on a Wild Birds of Prey shoot.  I got some great pics last year.  I know one of my friends is going on the shoot too.  Will be fun.

Been playing golf on the ministry league this summer.  I've had some really great holes,  quite a few great shots, and I'm getting my money's worth.  LOL  It's fun though.  Leaves lots of room for improvement.  LOL

Until next time...


Cheryl said...

Well Hello there! :) I didn't know you blogged.
Ya, I finally took the leap. Hope it goes well. I'll be checking you out often, so keep on blogging. Don't let me down!!! LOL!!!!
P.S. see you in a few weeks.

Boopie said...

summer is going down the drain ! Between rain and hospital visits. I'm not sure if we have had a summer .

I'm glad to hear your golf game is going well ! I know you love getting out there getting practise so you can beat Ben ! LOL !