Friday, December 4, 2009

A new lens

For a few weeks months I’ve been wanting to buy a new zoom lens for my camera.  I finally was able to purchase one.  (I sold my old d-slr.) I bought a 70-300 zoom.  I think my first shoot came out pretty good with it.  I had some willing subjects and some not so willing.

 IMG_2114a (Large)

 IMG_2121_edited-1a (Large)

 IMG_2147 copya (Large)

 IMG_2164_edited-1a (Large)


I found a spot overlooking Grand Rapids that is great for taking pictures.  I’m sure I will return many times.Grand Rapids Skyline from the West


Judy G said...

I especially love the duck photo with the background! Makes that duck pop!

Sandy said...

Great photos! You are so talented.