Saturday, October 18, 2008

Early bird gets the picture

This morning (Saturday) I got up kind of early (somehow I turned off my alarm without waking up) and headed to Holland State Park on Lake Michigan.  I wanted to get some pictures of Big Red (the lighthouse) without shooting into the sun like I would do if I went in the evening. 

PA183259_0023 (Medium)

This one, although the composition is not so great, excited me because I was there when the tug was pushing out two barges.  I've never seen that before at this location. 


PA183272_0036 (Medium)


Vicky said...

The pictures are wonderful, Bon! I love your portrait! (Hugs)

Mary ann said...

Beautiful! And isn't it fun to see the barges? Once, many years ago, we spent a week end on a friend's boat on the Mississippi, and seeing a whole string of barges was such an awesome sight.

Milkweed takes me back to my childhood, too. And just a few days ago I heard that during WWII, children gathered pods. Obviously they had to be gathered when they were "ripe" but before they opened, as the silky stuff inside was used as a substitute for Kapok in life jackets. How about that?