Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cape May, NJ

We spend the afternoon of Day 1 in Cape May which in on the southern end of NJ. Another very picturesque city. This was taken from the beach looking back to the shore.

Looking north back toward the city. Here the beach is very sandy.

This is a little further south on the tip of NJ. The beach turns stony here.

Some of the stones are called Cape May Diamonds. They look very much like a diamond when polished and cut like a diamond.

I love this picture.

This is a WWII lookout tower very near the beach at the southern tip.

One of the churches in the downtown on the main street.

I just love this house.

Sure wish I could remember what kind of church this on is but I really liked it. If you keep up with my next few posts where I post pics of my vacation, you will notice I really like to photography churches.

Wouldn't this look wonderful in my backyard? I think so.

Another couple of really neat houses we came across while meandering around the city.

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