Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pemberton, NJ

Before we actually came to Pemberton, we stopped at the Friends Meeting House.  It was built in 1775.

P5134261 (Small)

A very interesting tree on the grounds of the meeting house.  I see a lion's head.  You?

P5134262 (Small)

The cemetery on the grounds.  Most of the dates on the tombstones were unreadable.

P5134270 (Small)

P5134271 (Small)


Karen turned me loose in Pemberton.  She had choir practice and seeing I don't sing, I walked. This is the Pemberton Baptist Church "organised" in 1764 and erected in 1861.  This is Karen's church.

P5134277 (Small)

Yup, it is the front door.




Grace Episcopal Church.


As I wandered around to the side of the church, I came across this statue. 


No, it is not Fall.  The way the sun was shining through the leaves, it really brought out the red.  I think it is some kind of a Maple but not sure.

P5134285 (Small)


Looks like they found a new use for the fire department.

P5134290 (Small)


I need help on this church too.  Had an interesting grave yard and a great salute to those who sacrificed.

P5134289 (Small)

P5134297 (Large)

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