Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Today is a perfect day!  It was our first 70 degree day since last October.  The humidity was log and there was a nice breeze.  A great day to be outside.  So after work, a friend and I went to Meijer Gardens to view the butterfly exhibit and walk the trails through the gardens.  Being a sunny day, the butterflies were very active.  One of the butterflies we wanted to find was the Clear Wing.  Thanks to one of the visitors there, we found one.  Because they have clear wings and are not very big, they can be very hard to find.  Nope, no pictures this time.  Hopefully I'll get back out there before the exhibit is over (end of April) and get some more butterfly pics. 

Once outside, it was sooooo beautiful.  We walked around the sculpture park but didn't take them all in.  Time was a factor.  Then we walked around the farm house and barn and took the boardwalk at the edge of the pond and enjoyed the guess, swans and ducks.  I so enjoy the gardens.  Can't wait until more flowers besides the daffodils, pansies and miniature iris are in bloom.

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