Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The neighbor has crocuses in blossom.  And we had just had a light mist.  The scene just begged for pictures.  I decided I needed to take them from an angle that I normally don't do (it's hard to get back up).  So I brought out a bath towel, spread it out nicely and got down to eye level with the flowers.  Did you know they don't grow very high?  (I'm real glad I was in the back yard.)

crocus 003

This was pretty cool I thought.  Showed the water drops.  But I decided to have a little fun with that picture.   It almost makes it look like I took it at night. 

crocus 003-a

                            Here are just a few more.

crocus 001

Notice the tulip trying to horn in on the scene.  I thought about plucking it out but then thought better of it.  Of course I could have moved but that would have been a lot of work.

crocus 004-a crocus 005-a

crocus 006-a 

I like how that one petal over toward the right almost looks translucent.  Anyway, I had fun taking them, was able to get up without calling 911, and had fun playing with them in Photoshop Elements.


Judy said...

Oh, Bonnie, those are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! You are getting so good and at all levels ! LOL !

I love the close ups best !


Tigger said...

Gorgeous!! Somebody very generously gifted me with Elements 4.0 last weekend. You need to come down and teach me how to use it. 8^)

Howdy said...

Very Pretty pics... I'm glad you went to the effort to get to know your subject better!

Bon said...

Thanks to you all for the compliments.

Tigger, enjoy Elements. I have 5.0 and very badly want 6.0. There is sooooooo much you can do with that software.

Tamsen said...

The crocus are gorgeous! I'll be hanging around -- I have lot's of learning to do. And thank you for your lovely comments about our grandbaby.