Monday, April 28, 2008


Last week was about as nice a week as anyone could want.  Or so I'm told.  I was in MA for 10 days.  I spent the first weekend in western MA with my best bud.  Then on Patriot's Day (an eastern MA holiday) they drove me to Natick (Boston) for 4 days of training for work.  After training it was back to the western part for the weekend and then home again.

While I was there the weather was beautiful.  The flowering trees were out in their glory.  Forsythia bushes were vibrant yellow.  Every day I could see the regular trees get greener and greener.  The temps reached the low 80s.  The only problem was that MA is soooooo dry.  Fires all over the state.

The first weekend I was there, we took a drive to check out a yarn shop in Great Barrington -- Wonderful Things.  Oh my.  Lots and lots of yarn.  I did not plan on buying anything.  That plan didn't work.  LOL 

From there we drove north to North Adams to Tala's Quilt Shop.  Lots of fabric but not what we were looking for.  We were on a mission for a specific color and texture. 

We headed back home via the Mohawk Trail (Route 2).  We just happened to notice a "new" shop, A Notion To Quilt.  We did a u-turn and stopped in.  The name seemed to ring a bell but we couldn't place it.  Happened to be the shop previously located in the city of Shelburne Falls.  They just recently moved to a new location.  Very nice store. 

My hotel was in a great location.  Less than 2 minutes from my classroom and right across a VERY busy street from the Natick Collection (a mall).  Very upscale but also stores for the average shopper too.  It has 270 stores on 2 stories.  The challenge was getting across that street without getting hit.  I had to walk a ways to get to a crosswalk light.  The stay was topped off by dinner at Legal Seafoods.  Fantastic food but a little pricey. 

So anyway, I get home after enjoying a wonderful warm week in MA and there was wonderful weather here at home.  Tonight they are issuing freeze warnings and maybe even snow.  Come on, it is almost May!  My tulips and the neighbor's Magnolia tree are going to suffer greatly. 

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