Sunday, December 21, 2008

Looking out my windows

PC213380 (Medium)

Looking out my front door.


Frost on the front door.

PC213386 (Medium)

I love the snow on my neighbor's side door. ( I love photographing doors.)

PC213389 (Medium)

Looking out my kitchen window.

PC213390 (Medium)

Looking out the back door.  This does not show the show that has since become an overhang.


Basically it is a nasty day.  They are saying on TV to please stay off the roads.  They have even pulled most of the snow plows because they can't keep up with the blowing snowing.  The airport is open but it is a challenge.  I'm glad I'm on the inside looking out.


Gizmo said...

It is very beautiful - from inside a warm house or over the internet.
Be careful, and remember to stock up when you do head out.

Enfys said...

Oh my, you really are going to have a white Christmas, lovely photos, here in the UK it is grey and gloomy, so enjoy all that glistening white (stock up well when you can get out, and keep toasty warm). Merry Christmas and a very happy crafty new year to you and yours

Bon said...

Thank you both for your comments.