Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It just keeps on coming.

I took the day off as a vacation day -- use it or lose it. Another winter storm came through. Probably another 5" and that was as of 4:00. I met a friend for lunch at Logan's Steakhouse. YUM. We spent about 2 hours there enjoying the food and conversation. From there I went to visit my folks and shopping. Then it was home and attack the driveway again.

The problem with the driveway is that when I blow the snow into the front yard, it fills in the sidewalk that leads up to the front steps so then I have to blow that out but I can't blow it high cuz it would go in the neighbor's driveway or my front sidewalk. As I looked out across the back yard, a lot of the snow is piled chest high (I'm 5'7"). It's DEEP.

Tomorrow they are calling for rain. NOT GOOD!!!!. I'd rather have the snow. Rain will bring on flooding and then ice when it freezes.

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