Sunday, February 24, 2008

An afternoon at the beach

Yah, I know, it is the middle of winter but the sun was shining and it was warm -- well relatively speaking. It was about 32 inland and probably about 5 degrees cooler over at Grand Haven. I love going over in the winter to see the ice mounds along the shore. I walked out to the first one but decided not to go down the other side. It was a high mound and a steep descent and I didn't have my ice cleats (DUH!). There were tons of people out there. I think cabin fever had gotten to everyone and they were all ready for a day at the beach. Lots of snow, some sand here and there, and really cool looking ice.

The top picture was taken as I was just coming up over a sand dune. The next picture was taken from the top of the dune. Where all the people are (except for the guy in the front) is ice.

The picture below is out in the lake showing the ice mounds. The picture gives you an idea of the height of the mounds.

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