Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm tired of Winter

It's snowing and blowing and downright cold. This is the second Sunday this year I've stayed inside because the weather was so bad and cold. We had a bad storm on Wednesday. We are past our season average snowfall. That happened last week before the storm. I have no idea how much snow we got today because it has been blowing so hard. It got all the way up to 3 degrees today. BUT we did have some sunshine for a few minutes.

Vacation has come and gone. My 10 days in MA went by so quickly. We had great weather for all but one day. Learned some new techniques. Started from square one on a project I had been working on and it just was not satisfying me. Bought some new batiks, a landscape book, and lots of trim stuff for postcards, yarn and knitted it into a ski cap. A productive and FUN trip. But too short.


Anonymous said...


:( Boop

Tigger said...

Dang! You two get more done in 10 days than I get done in 10 months. I'm so glad you two had a wonderful time and I SO wish I was there with you.
BTW, any time you get sick of the frozen tundra up there, your winter home awaits.

Bon said...

Susan, I'm about ready. We have had snow every day since Christmas. I think that is enough. Got another 4-6" between 3:00 and sometime before 8:00 tonight.

Wish you would have been with us. It would have been even more fun. And you would have gotten something accomplished.

Mar said...

Welcome home Bon!

Mar said...


Bon said...