Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tribute to my niece on her birthday

Twenty-one years ago today you were born over in Germany. (Her dad was stationed over there in the Air Force.) The first time I got to see you in 3-D was when you were 7 months old when your family arrived back in the States. You spent most of your life in Delaware and Virginia which were at least close enough so I got to see you at least a couple times a year. Then you came to Calvin. I was so happy. And now I get to see you much more than when you were growing up. I get to watch you play soccer, have dinner with you on occasion (tomorrow night we'll celebrate your day) and see you at other times too (although it never seems often enough). It has been fun watching you grow into a beautiful and sweet young lady. You bring much joy to my life. My prayer for you is that you will continue your walk with the Lord, graduate from college and find a job where you can help people with your chosen field of study, find a wonderful Christian man to spend the rest of your life with and hopefully have a family of your own. I love you very much, Juliana. Happy Birthday.

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