Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Game Night

Another fun night. I had a hard time deciding on the menu. We always have supper and then play games. At first it was gonna be pizza, then rotissarie chicken, then meatballs. Well, I had been craving lasagna for a while and Costco has a really good one (Kirkland brand) in the freezer section. So we had lasagna, tossed salad, garlic bread, fresh fruit salad and homemade tollhouse chocolate chip cookies to snack on. Seeing there are 5 of us it limits us somewhat in the games we play. One time it was Farkle, once dominos, once Uno. Tonight it was Kizmet (something like Yahtzee). One of the girls is going through chemo and she claimed chemo brain but I think we can't let that work any more cuz she almost always wins ... which was the case tonight.

We all work at the same place. The other four work in the same area. I'm the odd ball. No comments from the peanut gallery. We have a department called Service Partners. Two of the girls are paid employees and the other two are Service Partners (volunteers). The one going through chemo actually lives in Bahrain with her husband and is a teacher over there. She comes back home in the Summer and for the last two years has been volunteering with us. She found her cancer literally days before she was to return to Bahrain. So she is staying until her treatment is finished ... about a year. The other moved here from New Jersey for a year after trying it out for a couple months in the summer 2 summers ago and a month in the winter last year. At the end of her year we here in MI are hoping she decides to move here permanently. Her family back in NJ is not really gungho on that idea.

The weather has finally decided to cool back down some. We are still above normal but only by 10 degrees or so. And THE SUN WAS SHINNING TODAY!!! Everyone was in a really good mood. Makes me think I should post some orchids. I love taking pictures of orchids.
Now you are probably saying "she's crazy, that is no orchid." Actually it is the center of one. This one below, in fact.

Macro photography is fun to play with. Sometimes it can really leave you guessing as to what it really is.

Until next time, find at least 5 things for which to be thankful.

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Boop said...

well you may not have spring yet !
but it sure is pretty looking at your spring ! puts a spring in my step !