Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NH primary

I've been glued to the TV since the polls closed. Looks like McCain wins for Republicans but with almost 60% of the vote in, they still can't call for the Democrats. Next Tuesday is the primary in MI. I need to make up my mind soon.

I'm getting ready for Game Night at my house tomorrow night. There are 5 of us who get together for games and supper about once a month. We will have a ball. We are all pretty competitive.

The warm weather is tricking some of the Spring flowers. They are starting to pop their heads out of the soil. They are gonna be surprised come this weekend. In honor of the warm weather, here a Spring picture at one of my favorite golf courses -- 13th hole, par 3.

This is one I took last Fall in the little city of Douglas over by Lake MI.

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Tingirl said...

Well, hello, Bon! Trying out blogland before announcing it, eh?

Your Game Night sounds like fun! What games do you play? I keep wanting to get my friends away from pure cards, but we're kind of in a rut.