Sunday, January 6, 2008

A photography weekend

Last summer I spent a 4 day weekend over at Hope College in Holland, MI at a photography seminar. On Thursday night I went on a Birds of Prey field trip. There were two leaders. One was a professional photographer and the other was a circuit court judge. The two of them work together leading photo field trips for a few hours up through week long trips. This mean looking dude to the left is a Peregrin Falcon.

This next one is a Kestral Falcon. I think he is so pretty.

I'm not sure what kind of owl the guy on the left is but he sure hides well. The one one the right is a Great Horned Owl.

Now I know this guy is not a bird of prey but he was there and so I just have to include him in here. What a thing of beauty.

I think maybe next time I need to bring in some flowers.

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Mar said...

fabulous pics, you got really good, really fast!