Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Friday Night!

Do you know how long a 5-day work week is? It is L-O-N-G. I have not had one for over a month now because of the holidays and vacation that needed to be used.

Last night was Phone Night.... the night my best bud and I talk on the phone while working on a project of some kind. I made a couple of "Get Well" postcards out of fabric. (Does that count as Stash Busting? I used 4 pieces of 4.5" x 6.5" and fussy cut another piece.) I'm having such a fun time with them. I've made birthday and Christmas cards in addition to the get well cards. A friend wants me to make her some Easter cards. I need to get on that.

Tonight I went to Karen's for games and supper. We love to play word games. We started out with a non-word game -- Sequence (I think) -- and then after a break to head to Panera's for supper, we played Anagrams. We are very competitive at anything we play and it makes it so much fun.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Kalamazoo to meet Pat (best friend from high school) and we are taking a card stamping class together. Now, she is so good she could teach the class but we decided it would be fun to just take the class and have fun together. We get to use all the supplies at the shop. Should be a great time.

I didn't take pictures of the postcards I made last night but this top one is very similar.

This next one I made for my older brother as a birthday card. I loved that background fabric. I love the shadow effect. My best bud helped me with that.
This one was for my younger brother for his birthday. All the leaves were fussy cut out of other fabrics. Again, thanks bug for your help.

A little food for thought from a lexophile (no it is not a bad thing to be): The butcher backed up into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.


Mar said...

roflol, what's a lexophile? The leaf postcards are fabulous!

Bon said...

Well, the definition I was given is "lover of words". I don't seem to find it in a dictionary but I'm going to go with it. Maybe it should be lexiphile based on the word lexicon from Latin and Greek. Sure got your attention, huh. LOL

Anonymous said...


love the cards. Hmmm, my birthday is Feb. 4. :)


Boop said...

your welcome !

You just need a little push in the right direction sometimes ! and you do a great job helping me out too ! cuz .... your the piecing queen !